Couple Convicted of Medicaid Fraud

Throughout a three-day trial that concluded on March 23, Christina Halter was condemned of dedicating Medicaid scams, monetary exploitation of a handicapped person, failure to submit and pay earnings taxes and tax evasion.

In a different case on March 28, her spouse and co-defendant Donald E. Halter opted to withdraw his formerly gotten in plea of innocent and rather pleaded guilty to Medicaid scams, monetary exploitation of a handicapped person, failure to submit and pay earnings taxes and tax evasion. In exchange for pleading guilty, the state settled on a cap of 20 years in jail for the most severe charge, which is monetary exploitation of a handicapped person.

The charges versus the Halters originated from an examination that started in February of 2013 when a problem was submitted with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services versus Park Hills Manor. Owned by the Halters, who resided in rural Bismarck at the time, Park Hills Manor LLC had actually been a certified property care center and a registered Missouri Medicaid Personal Care service provider under agreement with MO HealthNet. The manor had centers on Crane and Keith Streets in Park Hills. If you are interested in Medicaid Fraud and are eager to learn more then visit

Charges were submitted in March of 2015, upon conclusion of the examination, by then-Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster, Prosecuting Attorney Jerrod Mahurin and then-Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Joe Goff Jr. of the St. Francois County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. The Halters were initially accuseded of taking by deceit in addition to the other charges.

Inning accordance with court files, a preliminary examination consisted of an evaluation of business’ resident trust account records and discovered that the Halters had actually modified the payee on 2 operations account checks in an effort to deceive private investigators into believing a patient had actually been paid from a fiduciary account. An audit was then carried out in April of 2013 which discovered falsified time sheets for 2 certified useful nurses dating from April 2011 to February 2013.

That June, DHSS supposedly rejected the manor’s Crane Street center a license to run as a property care system and a court injunction was submitted that August. At that time, a lawyer informed the paper that the couple had actually decided to close their property center and run an “independent living center.” The city withdrawed its business license that September.

At some point after the audit, a primary investigative auditor with the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit of the Missouri Attorney General’s Office started a thorough examination of the Halters’ business practices.

The detective declared that the couple sent many Authorized Nurse Visit declares to MO HealthNet in between December of 2011 and October of 2013 to get a healthcare payment. MO HealthNet paid most of these claims sent with the couple getting more than $28,000.

” The claims … were incorrect because Park Hills Manor’s locals were not licensed to get Authorized Nurse Visits, and, in any occasion, Donald and Christina Halter and Park Hills Manor did not supply Park Hills Manor’s homeowners Authorized Nurse Visits,” the report checks out.

Throughout the audit, incorrect time sheets were supplied to the auditor in an effort to support the Halters’ Authorized Nurse Visits declares to MO HealthNet. The nurses, on the contrary, reported they did not work those hours for Park Hills Manor.

The detective likewise declared the Halters took a significant quantity of money from a citizen.

Inning accordance with his report, in November of 2012 the Halters cashed a $209,235 check from the United States Treasury that was made payable to Park Hills Manor LLC, as the local’s custodian. The check was a retroactive award for the male’s special needs payments from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. The local had actually been detected with schizoaffective condition, bipolar type, and was not able to take care of his financial resources. The check was transferred into the Park Hills Manor operations account.

The Halters became his “institutional fiduciary” in September of 2012. A fiduciary is bound to develop a correctly entitled bank account; never ever combine patient funds with their personal funds or business’ funds; and save any one-time retroactive payment of $1,000 or higher unless previous approval for expense of funds is acquired by the VA.

” Putting their own budgeting interests before (the patient), Donald and Christina Halter participated in 2 one-sided (non-refundable) lease arrangements with (the patient) that totaled up to $115,000,” the private investigator composed in his declaration. “This transfer was done under the guise of sophisticated payment of lease and was hidden from the VA by Donald and Christina Halter.”.

Within 44 days of these sophisticated lease contracts the Halters had actually invested the cash.

“( The patient) pertained to think that Donald and Christina Halter had actually taken money from him, so he left Park Hills Manor soon after participating in the arrangements. Donald and Christina Halter never ever supplied him a refund,” the private investigator composed.